The Italian Product is always synonymous of quality and endurance all over the world; ESSEGI Meccanica has adopted these important values developing a line of product with CE mark. Our containers are 100% MADE IN ITALY and are produced for stocking and collection of any kind of material and/or waste collection of any kind of material and/or waste.

All our products can be fully customized, from the material type of which they are made (FE carbon steel, AISI stainless steel, steel mesh, punched steel mesh…) to dimensions, to completely satisfy the requests of the customer.

Finally the container are protected using powder paint, liquid paint (this is especially true for large containers) or hot-zinc coated.

Environmental aspects of the products and
dismantling at the end of lifecycle

The products/containers made by ESSEGI Meccanica can be 100% recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

They are made for 90% in steel (FE360, AISI 304) and for about 10% (the accessories) in nylon and polyurethane: it is possible to re-use these materials as raw materials to produce similar products or for any other product where recycled material can be used.